Apple Hill Season: Fun for All Ages!

Apple Hill Season: Fun for All Ages!

Explore the delights of Apple Hill, a cherished destination offering a plethora of family activities and adult indulgences. Discover the seasonal wonders of this beloved region in our latest blog post.

As the summer season bids adieu and children head back to school, the picturesque landscapes of Apple Hill beckon with promises of delightful family adventures and a myriad of adult pleasures. Nestled in the heart of our region, Apple Hill has long been a cherished destination for locals and visitors alike, offering an array of activities and treats to savor.



A Bounty of Farms and Delights

The Apple Hill Growers Association, a collective of 50+ farms, transforms this serene locale into a vibrant hub of activity. While apples take center stage, these farms also boast blackberries, blueberries, peaches, pumpkins, and even Christmas tree farms where you can select and cut your ideal holiday centerpiece.

Indulge in Tempting Treats

Perhaps the most irresistible aspect of Apple Hill is the tantalizing selection of baked goods. Imagine warm, fresh-from-the-oven apple pies, delectable apple fritters, sweet caramel apples, piping hot apple donuts, and comforting apple cider to savor on-site. And for those who wish to extend the pleasure, there are frozen pies to take home for later enjoyment.

Satisfy Your Taste Buds

When hunger calls, the farms at Apple Hill have you covered with diverse culinary offerings. From mouthwatering burgers and finger-licking barbecue to tender tri-tip and savory chicken pot pies, there's something to please every palate.

Raise a Glass to Apple Hill Wines

For adults seeking a different kind of indulgence, Apple Hill boasts several wineries. Discover local wines, unwind, and toast to the beauty of the region. Plus, keep an eye out for association events that offer unique experiences for visitors.

Plan Your Apple Hill Adventure

To visit Apple Hill and explore all this remarkable destination has to offer, visit or simply click this link HERE for more information.

Whether you're craving a family day out filled with apple-picking and sweet treats or an adult escape to savor local wines, Apple Hill has it all. Take advantage of the seasonal wonders this cherished destination provides. Contact us today at 916-659-5747 to learn more and start planning your Apple Hill adventure.

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