Rocklin’s Essential Pre-Move In Checklist

Rocklin’s Essential Pre-Move In Checklist

Discover the must-follow checklist for a smooth transition into your new home. From security measures to neighborhood integration, ensure a seamless move with our essential pre-move house checklist.

Moving into a new house? Your to-do list doesn't conclude with the move; there are vital tasks to complete before settling in. From security to neighborhood integration, here's what you should do before making your new house a home.

1.  Change the Locks:  Prioritize safety by replacing door locks and updating the hardware. Ensure your home remains secure and give yourself peace of mind.

2.  House Tour: Familiarize yourself with your new home's essential features, including water and gas shut-off valves, electrical boxes, and the water heater. Understanding these elements can prevent potential emergencies.

3.  Meet Your Neighbors:  Extend a friendly gesture by introducing yourself to your new neighbors. Building early connections can lead to lasting friendships and valuable local insights.

4.  Join Nextdoor:  Stay connected with your neighborhood through Nextdoor, a platform that helps you find services, and recommendations and connect with your community.

5.  Carpet Cleaning:  Even if the house appears clean, consider a thorough carpet cleaning. It refreshes the space, improves air quality, and removes hidden allergens.

6.  Wipe Drawers and Cabinets: Overlooked by many, cleaning drawers and cabinets is essential to ensure a hygienic living environment, free of germs or debris.

7.  Change Fire Alarm Batteries: Prioritize safety by changing the fire alarm batteries when you move in, ensuring your home is equipped to detect potential threats.

Don't hesitate to contact us at 916-659-5747 for any assistance or questions regarding your new home.  We're here to help make your transition smooth and secure.


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