The No. 1 Reason Behind Buyer Fatigue

The No. 1 reason why buyers are getting tired of our market.

Buyers get fatigued all the time. They get tired of looking at houses, losing, and seeing homes they love get sold to someone else, but why does it happen?

"It’s not because of the market; it’s because of the agent."

The No. 1 reason for buyer fatigue is the agent. There are lots of things they could do to cause that fatigue. They might not be properly trained, know how to write offers, or know how to set expectations. It’s not because of the market; it’s because of the agent.

I’m not saying that good agents get their offers accepted the first time every time. Good agents know how to keep their buyers less frustrated, and if their buyers are less frustrated, they are too.

Josephine, an agent on our team, came in $15,000 less than the top offer and still beat our 12 other buyers. Why? It’s because of how she has been training with us. Valerie recently beat a ton of other offers while paying $60,000 less. It’s not about offering more money; it’s about negotiating and setting expectations.

If you’re an agent or a buyer experiencing fatigue, call or email me and my team. We’d love to get you in a house as quickly as possible.

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